TODAY Show (performance)
Sept 26, between 7 and 9am ET on NBC

AOL Build (Interview with @broadwaygirlNYC)
Sept 26, 3pm livestreamed here

Live! with Kelly (performance)
Sept 27, 9am ET on ABC (and syndicated)

Kathy Lee & Hoda (Interview)
Sept 27, 10am ET on NBC

Hairspray Live!
as Velma Von Tussle
Dec 7, 8/7 ET on NBC

An Evening with Kristin Chenoweth - Opening Night Encore Performance!
September 23 & 24, 8pm @ Mayo PAC, Morristown, NJ
Tickets on sale now: click here for tickets & more info.

An Intimate Evening with Kristin Chenoweth
October 1, 8pm @ Merrill Auditorium, Portland, ME
Tickets on sale now: click here for tickets & more info.

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Masterclass with Kristin Chenoweth
September 6, time tba @ Broken Arrow PAC, Broken Arrow, OK
On-sale date tba click here for more info.

Celebrating Bernstein at 100: A Concert with Kristin Chenoweth & Friends
May 6 2017, 7:30pm @ Broken Arrow PAC, Broken Arrow, OK
On-sale date tba click here for more info.

  Hairspray Live! (Live TV musical)
  Velma Von Tussle
  Dec 7 at 8/7c on NBC
  official website

  Descendants 2
  pre-production, on the Disney Channel in 2107
  Part 1 now on the Disney Channel & amazon
(DVD & Instant Video); IMDB

  My Little Pony
  pre-production, in theaters 11/3 2017.
  voice of a new character

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Upcoming Projects


Hello, Dolly
Musical Revival, Comedy
Likeliness: (Explanation: At this point it is nothing more but a rumor and her expressed wish to do the show one day)
Production Status: the Nederlanders own the rights for a revival

NY Post gossip collumnist Michael Riedel writes:
Kristin Chenoweth has said she’d love to play Dolly Levi in “Hello, Dolly!” in about 10 years. But her wish may come true a lot sooner. I hear she’s in discussions to star in a multimillion-dollar Broadway revival within the next two years. [...] The Nederlanders have had the rights to “Dolly” for years, and periodically have cast about for a leading lady. [...] The new production of “Dolly” will be directed and choreographed by Warren Carlyle, who did “Chaplin” and “Finian’s Rainbow." [Source - Aug 2013]

Soapdish - The Musical
Original Musical, Comedy
Likeliness: (Explanation: Kristin, Bobby Harling and the team attached to it are working on the schedule for this project headed for Broadway. Timing is unclear and it hasn't been mentioned in a while.)
Production Status: Oct 25-26 2012 Reading

Based on Steel Magnolias playwright Robert Harling's 1991 film comedy about the on and off-set drama of a popular daytime soap opera, the new musical adaptation has lyrics by Drewe and a score by Stiles. Tony Award winner Kristin Chenoweth and "30 Rock" star Jane Krakowski are the daytime divas of the new musical Soap Dish. [Source - Oct 2012]

Rise: The Story of Tammy Faye
Original Musical, Comedy
Likeliness: (Explanation: The project is developed specifically for her, so it’s most likely going to happen. The timing however, is yet unclear.)
Production Status: May 2011 Reading

“I’m committed to that show. It needs some work. The music is unbelievable—people need to get ready. Henry Krieger, who did Dreamgirls, did the music. I would say it’s a couple years away. […] And the reason I love her and loved her so much, she was the first person in Christian television to put a person on the air and interview somebody who had AIDS. In that time, that was unheard of. And what she said—and people should go back and watch the interview—was we should never judge, we should only love you, what your family and what you must be going through is so hard. So Tammy Faye Baker, she had her demons, too, but I’m telling you something: That was a woman who really did her best to walk what she believed. I mean, the mascara alone should win me a Tony Award." [Source - Feb 2012]
When asked about upcoming projects she replied the following: "I think Tammy Faye Bakker are three words that I find very interesting." [Source - April 2014]

Original Musical, Comedy
Likeliness: (Explanation: It has been mentioned several times since early 2009 by Sophie B. Hawkins and Kristin and it’s being written specifically for her. However, no official statement has been made yet.)
Production Status: Fall 2010 Reading

Since releasing her last studio album, Sophie (B. Hawkins, that is) has been busy touring the country and performing, appearing in a documentary that chronicled her journey to reconcile her childhood called "The Cream Will Rise", becoming a mother for the first time, painting in her studio and more recently, writing and composing music for a new musical she is collaborating on with Kristin Chenoweth. [Source - Aug 2011]
She [Sophie B. Hawkins] wrote a musical, based on actual characters from 1793 Pennsylvania, for Kristin Chenoweth. [Source - Mar 2012]


The Good Wife
CBS Drama
Likeliness: (Explanation: Kristin said she would love to return after her arc was cut short due to her accident. No official announcement has been made.)

Emmy Award and Tony Award-winning actress Kristin Chenoweth has been cast in a recurring role, and will make her debut in September’s season premiere. Chenoweth will match wits with both Alicia and Peter in her role as a top-of-her-game political reporter who wants to know more about the Florrick campaign and marriage. [Source - June 2012]
"We enjoyed having Kristin on the show and would love to have her back when she's feeling better," CBS Television Studios said in a statement. Chenoweth will still appear in The Good Wife's season four premiere, set to air on Monday, Sept. 30. There is a possibility for the star to return in the future. [Source - Aug 2012]

Apocalypse over pancakes
Likeliness: (Explanation: The director really wants to have Kristin in it, who also really wants to play the part. Whether or not she will actually appear in it will be a matter of her schedule. Shooting keeps being postponed, which I will take as a good sign that they didn't give up on it yet.)

Apocalypse Over Pancakes is a film based on a short story I wrote years ago about… well... the Apocalypse and Pancakes. The film revolves around five people in a diner on the eve of the Apocalypse. They've all lost something different… hope, passion, a loved one or simply the will to believe. But on this night, everything changes when a stranger enters at 3AM, when God himself walks through the doors to experience one of his favorite things mankind ever created… pancakes… one last time. What follows is both funny, heartfelt and even magical, these people rediscovering their humanity on the night the world is meant to end. Overall, the story is about redemption and the human condition and there's a fantastic, unexpected ending that will will simply make you smile. It's a film I'm very passionate about, and it's going to be something incredible! [Source - March 2011]
„We are planning on filming Apocalypse in January or February depending on schedules and all that good stuff, and I'm crazy excited that things are moving forward again. Kristin is all healed up and ready to go!” [Source - Dec 2012: Kickstarter Backers E-Mail from creator/director Roman White]


Dusty Springfield Biopic
Likeliness: (Explanation: Kristin acquired the rights to the movie in 2008 and mentioned in 2009 that the script needed some re-writes, but we haven’t heard much about the project since.)

“That movie kind of died on the vine, I'm sad to say. I'd love to play her and I had a producer who really wanted me to do it and never could seem to get a script together and that really saddens me because I think that's a great story.” [Source - July 2010]
Kerry Washington tells us that she and Kristin Chenoweth have every intention of making that movie about Dusty Springfield. Chenoweth has been developing the flick for quite some time with plans for her to star as the late lesbian pop soul singer and Washington to play her lover. "We're still working on it, we're still working on it," Washington says. "She so busy right now with Promises, Promises [on Broadway]...But we'll get it done.“ [Source - Oct 2010]

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