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Nov 28, 2014: Kristin Chenoweth: Coming Home
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  Live CD & DVD: Coming Home
  The CD is out NOW.
  The DVD will be released Feb 3, 2015!
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  The Boy next Door
  (film, thriller)

  as Vicky
  in US theaters Jan 23, 2015
  official trailer, IMDB

  Strange Magic
  (animated film)

  as Sugar Plum Fairy
  in US theaters Jan 23, 2015
  official trailer, IMDB

  On the 20th Century
  (musical, comedy)

  as Lily Garland
  Feb 12 - July 5 2015
  Tickets and info at 20thCenturyOnBroadway.com

  (Disney Channel movie, comedy)

  The Opposite Sex
  (film, comedy)
  as Mrs. Kemp

  Hard Sell (film)
  as Lorna Buchanan
  offical website

  Micah, The Asshole Ghost
  (film, comedy)

  as Josephine

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Talk Stoop

11 December 2014 by *Iris • comments 0
Last week, Kristin Chenoweth sat down on NBC's Talk Stoop to talk about her new album and how she is and wants to be perceived by her audience. Watch the video below:

Better TV

04 December 2014 by *Iris • comments 0
Kristin Chenoweth also made an appearance on Better TV this Tuesday. Watch clips from the interview here:

Meredith Vieira Show & Rachael Ray

04 December 2014 by *Iris • comments 0
Kristin's promo blitz for Coming Home with lot of TV appearances in the last few weeks ins coming to an end. But this week she could still be seen on both the Rachael Ray Show on Tuesday and the Meredith Vieira Show on Wednesday.
Both interviews were really fun, so watch the videos below:

Tavis Smiley

29 November 2014 by *Iris • comments 0
After years of waiting, Kristin Chenoweth appeared on the Tavis Smiley show again last week. Watch this great, long, in-depth interview below!

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